My name is all over this website so I think you guessed right: it's Giacomo.


I love Florence. Which is handy because fortunately I've been born and raised here, giving me lots of time to check on my love and confirm it. Florence and I just passed our Silver Anniversary a couple of years ago.


Now, my goal is to spread this infatuation to visitors. Yes, that would be you.


Why choose me? Well I'm definitely a local, we assesed that, but to avoid any tinge of provincialism I might add that I am also half German.

Yes, I even lived in Germany for a year volounteering. And in France, studying. So I'm quite international, you might say!


Also, did I mention I'm an architect? That is also incredibly practical when you have to explain Brunelleschi's Dome, believe me.


Why do I tour guide? It is incredibly rewarding to arouse enthusiasm in people about a place that you feel being “your own” (and a UNESCO world heritage treasure, on the side).

And I also like to have an audience. Let's face it, all tour guides love it.


What makes me different from other guides? My cultural background and formation, and this presentation, I guess.


Languages? Italian, English, German and French (see above why).


So should we start? Let me introduce Florence to you!

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