Accademia Gallery

Michelangelo! The Accademia Gallery was basically build around Michelangelo's famous David, a truly stunning piece of art, worthy of its fame. Introducing the David we find Michelangelo's Prisoners, a classic example of "non finito" (meaning "not finished"), where one can truly grasp what the process of sculpting means. But there is more to this museum than the great master: paintings by Perugino and Filippino Lippi, Botticelli and for those who are fond of the Middle Ages Taddeo Gaddi, Lorenzo Monaco and others.


About 1 h.

The first floor of the museum is seldomly visited and hosts many medieval paintings. If you want to dive more into this kind of art I can arrange for a longer visit, please just specify it when you contact me in the form below or in the 'contact' section above.


55€  per person


if you don't have a ticket reservation contact me and I can check availability and reserve for you.

children free (12 years old or below)

Additional Info

NOTE: the museums do NOT have a cloak room, please avoid big backpacks or luggage as it is not allowed in.

Museum tickets are 16€ per person. If you don't have tickets I can book them for you, contact me.

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