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GYG Award best guide 2019 Giacomo Piccar

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Benvenuti! Welcome!


An old uncle of mine once told me: “I’ve had two great strokes of luck in my life: 1. to be born a man and 2. to be born in Florence”. I don’t know about the first point, but the Florence part is 100% true!

What a privilege I’ve had to grow up surrounded by so much history and beauty!


Growing up I was always the go-to person in my family for quirky Florence-facts and anecdotes.

My passion for my city has now become the driving force of my carrer! Who’d have thought?!


Now, my goal is to spread this infatuation to visitors. Yes, that would be you.


In my life I have travelled the world, volounteered in Germany, studied in Paris, graduated in Architecture, acted on stage, hand made a mosaic, ran from a rhino and played Santa. Ask me for weird, random fun facts and you will not be disappointed.


Showing the art treasures and telling the history of a place that you feel being “your own” (and a UNESCO world heritage treasure, on the side) is incredibly rewarding.

And I also like to have an audience. Let's face it, all tour guides love it.


As you might guess from the little flags at the top right corner of this website I do my tours in Italian, English, German and French.


So should we start? Let me introduce Florence to you!

giacomo piccardi tour guide florence fir

What my customers said:



I can't say enough about our guide, Gicomo (Jack). He was the best guide my wirfe and I have ever had (and we have done a number of these tours). Truly remarkable with a perfect blend of humor, information, and pacing.

A MUST in Florence. Giacomo (Jack) was our guide... BEST we've ever had



Giacomo was an expert, he was a very plesent to have around, he was funny and he was extremely equiped in his stories. I would everybody advice to take him as a guide

Giacomo was magnificent



While in Florence we had a guided tour of the Cupola. Our tour guide Giacomo was magnificent. His knowledge of architecture and the city blended perfeclty for an amazing experience. Would recommend to all!

Guided tour suggested



Wir waren mit einer Tour durch die Uffizien rundum glücklich. Selbst wenn man ein bisschen in der Schlange wartete, war es nicht langweilig, da Giacomo die Lücke mit super interessanten Geschichten füllte. Giacomo war kompetent, freundlich, geduldig, sprach ein perfektes Deutsch...  besser geht es nicht!

Giacomo ist "perfetto"



Unser Guide Giacomo war fabelhaft. Er liebt diese Stadt eindeutig und hilft Ihnen das Beste aus Ihrem Besuch herauszuholen und wir sind begeistert mit vielen Informationen über Geschichte und Kunst wieder Heim gefahren. Wir freuen uns schon auf unseren nächsten Florenz Urlaub.




Une très bonne visite par un guide très compétent, intéressant et amusant. N'hésitez pas à réserver avec lui, ça vaut vraiment le coup!

A faire: une visite avec Giacomo

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