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Panoramica Porcellane 1
Boboli, the first garden

Discover the secrets, the symbols and beauty hidden within the Boboli Gardens in this 1 hour long tour.

The Garden was just a vineyard once, but when the Medici got to power in Florence in the 16th century they moved to the Pitti Palace and transfomed the hill behind it into one of the world's most important and well known gardens thanks to artists like Tribolo, Ammannati, Buontalenti and more.

Together we will see the most iconic part of the Garden, talk about the statues, the grottos and of course about the Medici family. At the end of the visit you can continue exploring the rest of this immense garden on your own.


About 1 h.


60€  per person


If you don't have a ticket reservation contact me and I can check availability and reserve for you.

children free (12 years old or below)

Additional Info

Boboli is open every day from 8.15 to 18.15 (apr-oct). It can be very hot outside in the central hours of the day in the summer, I advise visiting the garden in the morning.

Entry ticket is 10€ per person, contact me if you want me to book them for you.

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