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Grand Michelangelo Tour

Michelangelo!  Called "the greatest artist of all times" already when he was alive, continues to be celebrated 5 centuries later as one of history's most genius figures.

We will start the tour at the Accademia Gallery, the star of which is of course Michelangelo's famous David statue, a truly stunning piece of art, worthy of its fame. Introducing the David we find Michelangelo's Prisoners, a classic example of "non finito" (meaning "not finished"), where one can truly grasp what the process of sculpting means. 

We will then head towards the tombs of the Medici dynasty situated at the back of the church of San Lorenzo. Here Michelangelo was tasked with creating 7 statues and 2 tombs set within the family chapel. A unique place where Michelangelo has left us a testament of his ability, the intricate connection between architectonical space and sculpted figure.


About 2.5 h.

We will visit the Accademia Gallery focusing only on Michelangelo and then go and see the Medici Chapels.
In case you want to expand our visit at the Accademia (since you can only enter once with your ticket) let me know and we can make the tour about 30 minutes longer.


140€     1-2 people

170€     3 to 6 people

210€     7 to 10 people *

*note that starting from 7 people up a personal headset is mandatory to tour the museum and will be provided for free.

+ 24€ per person (Museum Ticket)

+ 24€ per person (Museum Ticket)

+ 24€ per person (Museum Ticket)

Additional Infos

Due to the mismatching opening hours of the two museums the Grand Michelangelo Tour can only take place in the morning between 8.14 AM and 2 PM, from Tuesday to Sunday except 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month. (Welcome to italian bureaucracy eh?)

NOTE: the museums do NOT have a cloak room, please avoid big backpacks or luggage as it is not allowed in.

Book here:

Please specify that you are booking Grand Michelangelo Tour and if some of the participants are under 18 years old (free museum ticket and discount on the tour):

Tel: +39 331 46 56 368

email: tours@giacomopiccardi.it

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