Power, Wealth and Beauty in Palazzo Pitti

The Palatina Gallery is situated in the Pitti Palace, former residence of the Grand Dukes of Tuscany, where the Medicis and later the Habsburg-Lorraine families lived. Not only are the rich rooms decorated  according to the rank of their formal inhabitants, but they host the private collections of the Grand Dukes, whose taste regarding art was - of course - princely: masterpieces by Caravaggio, Rubens, Tiziano, and the worlds biggest collection of Raphaels are displayed here in a mesmerizing explosion of beauty.


About 2 h.


120€     1-2 people

160€     3 to 6 people

200€     7 to 10 people *

*note that starting from 7 people up a personal headset is mandatory to tour the museum and will be provided for free.

+ 19€ per person (Museum Ticket)

+ 19€ per person (Museum Ticket)

+ 19€ per person (Museum Ticket)

Additional Infos

The Palatina Gallery is closed on Mondays.

Generally the Palatina Gallery is not excessively busy, even in high season, so there should be no waiting time.

Book here:

Please specify that you are booking a Palazzo Pitti Tour and if some of the participants are under 18 years old (free museum ticket and discount on the tour):

Tel: +39 331 46 56 368

email: tours@giacomopiccardi.it

Facebook: Giacomo Piccardi Tour Guide

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